L-Carnitine 600 mg box with 14 capsules

How Does L-Carnitine


L-carnitine is a molecule from which the human body can burn fat for weight loss in women and men. L-carnitine also serves to transport fatty acids from adipose tissue (fat) into the cells (mitochondria) to burn fat and convert them into energy


Taking L-Carnitine with Lindeza (Orlistat) helps against risk factors such as: *Glucose Intolerance.

*High Triglyceride Levels.

*Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus.

*Obesity and High Cholesterol Levels

*Hyperinsulinemia and Hypertension.


Precautions: In order to ensure adequate nutrition it is recommended the use of a multivitamin supplement which should be taken at least one hour after taking Lindeza.

Presentation: 14 Capsules of Fat Burner L-Carnitine 600 mg 

L-Carnitine Food Supplement 600 mg 14 capsules

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